Hario V60 – Simple Brew Guide

The Hario V60 is perfect for the minimalist camper or newcomer to coffee as it is so easy to use and makes a bloody good cuppa. Here are some simple steps to get you brewing:

How to brew v60 pour-over anywhere

All you need is – love… and a V60 dripperpapers, coffee & a cup (or server). You can get the whole kit and kaboodle here. 

Makes 1-cup

(do your math and double it for two etc)
  1. Put a paper filter in your V60, and rinse the paper with hot water.
    This gets rid of any papery taste and pre-warms the cup or server.
  2. Place 15g of ground coffee in the filter.
    That is one tablespoon or full Hario scoop.
  3. Slowly pour in 50ml of water, just off the boil.
    No measuring jug – no worries just eyeball it, about 1/4 of your cup.
    Pour from centre out in a circular motion.
  4. Wait 30 seconds – watch it bloom.
    Watch the gases trapped in the coffee bubble up.
  5. Gently pour in the rest of your water.
    With the same slow whirlpool motion as before.
  6. Enjoy a bloody good cuppa – made by you.
    Share it with us too @campgroundstamworth – we would love to see

The experts brew guide:

The above is simple and basic starting point for brewing on your V60. There are much more exacting methods with adjustments for variables. These involve ratios and timing your pours a bit more closely. If you are finding the brew flavour not quite right it may be time to experiment.

We test all our beans so get in touch for more specific info. Message us on socials @campgroundstamworth – happy brewing 🙂

In the meantime if you are looking for a more in-depth understanding on brewing on your Hario V60 check out this video from legend James Hoffman. 

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