Get to know your 'Happy Camper Crew' at Tamworth Camp Grounds

By using our knowledge and passion of all things coffee, we are here to bring you the best experience we can. You’ve seen each Happy Camper at one point or another if you've visited our lovely cafe. If you're a regular, we probably know a few things about your life too. (don't worry, your secrets are safe with us) If you happen to have a dog, it's likely that we know your dog's name over yours.

So we thought, why not divulge a little for an even playing field, and get to know a bit more about each person that makes your brew (or scroll) each morning, and puts the ‘Happy” before Camper.

Say Howdy to your Tamworth team of Happy Campers!


Meet Matthew

  • Happy Camper, Delivery Driver, Coffee nerd, Owner

matthew bettesworth campgrounds tamworth team profile group photos team photos work photos coffee photos family
Born in Armadale, no, not that one, the Armadale in Western Australia, Matt was a travelling man at a young age and never stayed in one place for too long. His interests are coffee, coffee, and more coffee. With his goals to bring specialty coffee to regional Australia and educate the future of baristas, he and his wife Monique moved to Tamworth in 2018 and put those plans front and center which is how Camp Grounds came to be. You won't have trouble finding him, as you'll hear a zealous ‘HOWDY’ before you even set foot in the store. Making coffee, experimenting, and having fun is what he does best. Days off you say? Well, when he gets the chance he'll be entertaining guests, playing with his pooch (Marigold), and continuing to learn. 
Food: Lasagne
Hobbies: Vintage toys, coffee, fishing, and being out in nature
Daily cuppa: double shot flat white followed by an espresso
Black or Milk coffee: First coffee always milk then black
Washed or Natural Beans:I’m gonna throw in the honey pulp process as I love those sweet big notes
Artist/Band: Redgum, ZZ Top, a dash of KISS
Album: Afterburner - ZZ Top
TV Show: Fairy Tail
Movie: Alien, it’s a classic
Place to be: Swag by the river with my wife, pooch and fishing pole
Thing to do in Tamworth: Marsupial park baby - it’s free, fun, and who doesn’t love a wallaroo.
Video Game: Pokémon

Meet Monique

  • Happy Camper/ Marketing & Creative/ HR Boss Lady

monique hope campgrounds tamworth team profile group photos team photos work photos coffee photos family
Born in Gunnedah, raised in Inverell, she is a country girl at heart. Monique moved to Tamworth in 2018 from Italy. Studies in Fashion Design took her to Melbourne and Milan but it is at home in regional Australia that she is most happy. Throughout studying she has loved working in customer service and hospo. Monique created Camp Grounds with husband Matt as a place to share really good coffee experiences and when the shop opened in December of 2019 that dream came true. When she is not snapping doggo pics at Camp Grounds HQ you can find her writing up a storm on socials or doodling designs. 
Food: Chips
Hobbies: Design, painting, yoga
Daily cuppa: Batch Brew or a Soy Flatty
Black or Milk coffee: Black 
Washed or Natural Beans: Natural
Artist/Band: WAAX, Regurgitator, Skeggs
Album: Foo Fighters - In Your Honour
TV Show: Stranger Things, That 70s Show, The OC
Movie: Candy (Heath Ledger), The Holiday (Kate Winslet)
Place to be: Camping under the stars or eating popcorn at the cinema
Thing to do in Tamworth: Trekking up Flagstaff with Marigold & Matt
Video Game: Overcooked 2, Rollercoaster Tycoon
Pets: Marigold the Border Collie 


Meet Madeleine

  • Barista, Blog writer, Happy Camper, Resident Comedian

madeleine park writer author campgrounds tamworth team profile group photos team photos work photos coffee photos family
Lover of a good book, film or conspiracy theory, Madeleine spends most of her time in worlds that don't exist. When she is in this world, however, you'll catch her at Camp Grounds behind Ivy (the beautiful green coffee machine) working on her latte art, chowing down on a pizza scroll, or having a mid morning groove with the gang. She loves to express her style through vintage clothing, and you'll likely find her at home, cuppa tea in hand, record playing and candles burning. She plans on exploring as many foreign cities as possible, but in the meantime is exploring the world of coffee through writing for this very blog. She has a way with words and is your go to gal for quotes. 
Hobbies: Writing, reading, listening to records, watching films, browsing Etsy for vintage goods
Daily cuppa: Double or triple small flatty with a dash of oat
Black or Milk coffee: Black
Washed or Natural Beans: Natural
Artist/Band: Fleetwood Mac, Harry Styles, Julia Jacklin, Joni Mitchell, Arctic Monkeys, Jefferson Airplane, Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire
Album: Rumours – Fleetwood Mac
TV Show: Avatar - The Last Airbender, Charmed, Buzzfeed Unsolved
Movie: Little Women (2020), Pride and Prejudice (2005), Almost Famous, Empire Records 
Place to be: At the movies with popcorn and a pepsi
Thing to do in Tamworth: Op Shopping, lounging in the park
Video Game: I clean up in Mario Kart


Meet Scarlett

  • Barista/ Happy Camper/ Delivery Driver

Scarlett Leach_Barista_team Profile_ meet the team_ crew_Camp Grounds_Coffee Shop_Specialty Coffee Shop Tamworth_Best Coffee in Tamworth  

Scarlett is obsessed with all things coffee. Well, maybe it's a 50/50 tie with Star Wars, nevertheless, you'll find no one nerdier than this woman. Born and raised in Sydney, Scarlett left the big smoke for Tamworth in 2009. Did I mention she loves coffee? Behind the machine or pulling equipment apart is what you’ll find her doing at Camp Grounds. She roasts with New England Roasters which are based right here in Tamworth (how cool is that!) After work she will be sitting on her couch surrounded by her three cats Flicka, Leo and Billie, Luke Skywalker helmet on, and getting lost in the Star Wars universe.
Food: Potato of any kind or ramen
Hobbies: Painting, drawing 
Daily cuppa: Espresso or soy latte
Black or Milk coffee: Black coffee
Washed or Natural Beans: Washed
Artist/Band: Nirvana 
Album: In Utero
TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Movie: Any Star Wars movie
Place to be: Outside amongst the trees with a warm coffee
Thing to do in Tamworth: Driving to the lookout at night to view the city
Video Game: Mario kart, Luigi’s Mansion or Until Dawn 

Meet Alison  

  • Barista, Supplier of Sweets (Wake and Cake), Plant Consultant 

alison spires campgrounds tamworth team profile group photos team photos work photos coffee photos family

Born and raised in Manilla this lovely lady moved to Tamworth in 2018. You know those delicious sweets you're consuming as you leave Camp Grounds? That's all her baby. Her passion is to create sweet and savoury goods that are delicious, and just so happen to be vegan. Within Camp Grounds HQ, she can be found restocking cakes, reorganising the storage room, writing up the daily brews, and by her own admission, talking too much. If you're looking where to find her, the easiest place to go is the Bunnings garden section. If she's not there? Alison will be baking up a storm in the Wake and Cake kitchen, tenderly stroking her monstera (Monty), or probably, still chilling at work. 



Food: IQ burrito, double beans, 1 scoop black rice, hold the corn chips, double guacamole, IQ salsa, tomato salsa, jalapeños, 1 line verde, Z trezigo “bone Apple teeth”.
Hobbies: Cleaning, tending to my plant babies, walking my Lunie
Daily cuppa: Extra shot almond latte, warm, 3/4 full 
Black or Milk coffee: por qué no los dos
Washed or Natural Beans: Natural
Artist/Band: Tame Impala, Sticky fingers, Catfish and the Bottleman, Dope Lemon, King Krule and Frank Ocean .
Album: The Slow Rush - Tame impala 
TV Show: FRIENDS, Nailed it, MAFS (in secret)
Movie: Silence of the Lambs, Trainspotting
Place to be: My bed. It’s big and it’s got a dog, a cat and a Jackson. 
Thing to do in Tamworth: Snag red hot bargains at the Op Shops, Picnic in Anzac with my pup Luna, getting heart palpitations in the Bunnings Garden Centre.


Meet Ella

  • Happy Camper, Master of Iced Drinks

team profiles campgrounds tamworth tamworth best coffee specialty coffee

The youngest of our Happy Camper crew is Ella. Interested in the arts such as music, makeup and photography, Ella has a keen eye for many different forms of beauty. Born and raised in Tamworth, she dreams of coastal getaways and delicious foods. Greece is her destination of choice when we’re talking travelling. She plans to work hard and get to where she needs to be soaking up the sun while listening to some great bands along the way. Ella loves to make up yummy iced drinks and serve our amazing customers with a smile. When not at work, she’ll be eating food, hanging with friends and the fam, or mostly shopping.
Food: Ooooh boy this is hard, but I’m gonna have to say CHINESE!!!
Hobbies: Taking photos, working on beauty and makeup
Daily cuppa: Large caramel latte
Black or Milk coffee: If I must answer it would be milk all the way
Artist/Band: Sticky Fingers, Skeggs, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller.
Album: Blonde by Frank Ocean
TV Show: American Horror Story
Movie: Ghost
Place to be: Outside in nature creating art
Video Game: Minecraft