Our Story

Matt and Mon - Owners of Camp Grounds Tamworth

Howdy Howdy Campers - Welcome to Camp Grounds!

We do coffee and tea in a special kinda way...

Not only with good vibes and smiles (though we have those too) - we are about special experiences. Special beans from independent local roasters.  Beans with cool stories and people doing fancy things with them that taste bloody good. Special tea blends that champion our bush. With Aussie natives in the mix our tea is a twist on traditional. Our brewing is kinda special too - with changing filter batch brews you can try a new roast each month. Don't worry we have have all your faves too but with a special spark - like our nitro iced coffee.

We are about the simple but special things in life - like camping.

Exploring, getting together with mates over a cuppa and learning new things - that's CAMP Grounds. Sorta like school camp except way cooler, less flies and more coffee.

Come join us Happy Campers, your next coffee adventure awaits...
- Mon & Matt (and Marigold the Doggo below) - Head Happy Campers

Want to get to know your 'Happy Camper Crew' at Camp Grounds Tamworth a bit better? Meet the team here


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