Barista - Coffee Bar Crew




In December of 2019 we pitched our camp on Dowe St Tamworth, NSW. Next door to our mates at The Welders Dog tap house, we figured a little hole in the wall coffee shop in one of our favourite places would be a good way to contribute…

We found there was a lack of places to take us on the coffee adventure we were craving. Don't us country folk deserve all those snazzy brews the city slickers take for granted? We decided to do something about it…

During our time road-trippin' and coffee sippin', we learned about all the cool independent Aussie roasters doing specialty coffee that deserved to be championed in regional Australia…

Out of that need (and our love for the coffee of course), Camp Grounds was born. With our combined skills (Matt in hospo and Mon in design), we made a plan to create a place of changing brews, coffee brewing gear and good times that directly supports Aussie roasters who are doing the right thing by people and the planet.

Our crew are the happiest of campers. Work hard, play hard - wake up early, drink coffee, make coffee and share smiles. Get prepared to be part of a hard-working and fun-loving team.


Do you have goals to be a kick-ass specialty coffee barista? We want results driven peeps like you that work well in teams. Are you a natural team player and wanna grow? Our small but mighty crew has room for you. You will fit right in if you're keen to grow, thrive on responsibility and love learning.  

Be a star barista within a team that really has fun everyday whilst getting great experience in specialty coffee. Sounds like a dream come true? Then we are the crew for you.


We will start you off in the all important role of Camp Crew - learning the ropes on all things coffee and smiles. Your future looks bright in our team - as we will work on your goals to be a star barista within the team. Once you are an ace behind the bar the sky's the limit. We would love to help you go on to achieve your personal and career goals within our team. 

Month 1:

  • You’ll learn the ropes of being behind the Camp Grounds coffee bar 
  • You'll be giving it your best to be an ace in all the places
  • You'll get friendly with the crew and customers

Month 2:

  • You'll be tested on your skills behind the Camp Grounds coffee bar
  • You'll have aced most the stations and be well on your way to being an all-rounder
  • You'll have worked with a variety of our crew members and got to know how to work within our all-star team. 
  • You'll be training in closing and opening training procedures. 

Month 3:

  • By month three you'll be the slaying all things behind the bar and have a solid picture of your strengths within the team and areas of growth
  • You'll have an awesome working relationship with the camp crew and be coming up with ripper ideas of how we can all be our best.
  • You'll be opening and closing up shop on your own. 
  • You'll be suggesting and finding ways you can grow to be your best barista self! 


We are all about the ‘vibe’ so no matter what your skills are the priority is team fit but beyond that ideally: 

  • You have coffee making experience in a fast paced environment (even better if it was a specialty coffee bar like us!)
    • You know customer service like the back of your hand and learn quickly about new products so you can share these with customers in a meaningful way. 
    • You are self aware and understand your impact and strengths within a team and are keen to help others and yourself grow. 
    • Lastly, you love coffee. You love dogs. You love people.


    • Customer and crew interaction - how well you fit and flow with the team and our all important customers.
    • Barista and hospo skills - how confidently do you make quality coffee.


    • We are new and agile. As we grow - we want you to grow with us. Just ask our happy camper crew. We get a real kick out of helping you achieve your goals and build a career in hospitality. It is actually our passion. 
    • We are small but mighty - we are a close knit crew. If you are looking for fun and growth, then look no further. 
    • We're willing to pay market rates for the right level of experience with performance based growth options available.
    • Coffee. There is a lot of it at our camp. We are always changing our brews. That is what makes us special. Everyday we need to taste a lot of coffee - it’s hard work but someones gotta do it - so we hope you would like to help us out. 

    APPLY NOW...

    • So you have had a good gander at the above and are thinking - sign me up! Awesome - please pop into the shop with your CV and cover letter or email it through to us at