INSTORE Gift Card - Camp Cashola

INSTORE Gift Card - Camp Cashola

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Camp Cashola! Heck Yes!

What a good cobber you are for getting this Gift Card for someone spesh. Maybe that lucky chap is you - nice one mate. You deserve it!

This gift card is for INSTORE only at our Camp Grounds Coffee Shop at 37 Dowe street.

Choose how you (or your mate) would like to receive the Camp Cashola:

  • -Snail Mail (we will pop it in the post in a wee envelope)

  • -E-Mail (we will e-mail the code through with a cute message)

  • -In-store collect (we will have it ready for you to collect a physical card instore)


Do you have gift cards to use online? 

Yes - check them out here. At this stage they are seperate to the instore ones. 

Can this be used for App orders through Eat Appy? 

Not at this stage - we are looking into it though!

Can you post this out to my mate? 

Ofcourse - select Snail Mail and we will do this for you. 

Can my mate collect from the Camp Grounds Tamworth Shop ? 

Sure thing, just select in-store collection and let us know who will be collecting it. 

Can I top up the card later to add more funds ? 

Yes just retain the code on the card and come see us instore to do this or go through the check out and comment TOP UP with the Code.