New England - Espresso Blend

New England - Espresso Blend

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  • Roast: Espresso

  • Process: Washed

  • Origin: PNG, Brazil, Ethiopia (Sidamo)

  • Varietal: Caturra, Castillo / Yellow Catuai - Yellow Bourbon / Heirloom

  • Taste: Cacao, Grain, light Orange & Stone Fruits

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About the Roaster - New England Roasters

New England Roasters are local legends - from our own backyard in the vibrant Tamworth NSW, Australia

Eli heads up the team with our very own barista and Happy Camper Scar joining him to roast from time to time.  

What is special about these beans?

This blend consists of three beans. A PNG, Brazil and Sidamo. All three beans play a part in making this blend a solid all rounder. Good cocoa and grain flavours cut through milk, with light orange and stone fruits that shine when this blend is taken as a black coffee. Great crema with big body, medium acidity and consistency all year round make this local legend a crowd pleaser. 

About the Producer/sourcing: