JUNE IS PRIDE MONTH 🏳️‍🌈 Stand in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community Camp Grounds. You may think camping, you may think coffee, but this month,...
  • This is How Our Coffee Subscription Works

    How does our Coffee Subscription actually work?🤔

    It's a bloody good question since you now have the choice of PREPAID or RECURRING subscriptions with Camp Grounds.

    The difference?

    💝- Prepaid (Gift) - one payment for all the months
    choose from 3, 6 or 12 months.
    📆- Recurring - one payment per month
    price depends on quantity or grams/month.

    ➕Plus, no matter which way you go with your Camp Grounds coffee subscription you are guaranteed 👉
    🌱 fresh flavours with totally new coffee each month
    🦘only the best quality Aussie specialty roasters
    🎁free gifts and beaut wrapping
  • How to show support for NAIDOC Week 2020

    Acknowledgement of CountryWe would like to acknowledge that we meet today on the traditional lands of the Kamilaroi/ Gamilaroi/ Gomeroi people. We ...
  • Get to know your 'Happy Camper Crew' at Tamworth Camp Grounds

    Meet the Team at Camp Grounds Tamworth NSW Get to know your 'Happy Camper Crew' at Tamworth Camp Grounds.  Get to know a bit more about each person that makes your brew (or scroll) each morning, and puts the ‘Happy” before Camper.
  • How to brew coffee in an AeroPress

    How to brew coffee in an AeroPress


  • Coffee: 15 grams
  • Grind Size: Finely ground
  • Water: 255 ml at 80C

    1. Put a filter paper in the cap, and rinse with your 'just off the  boil' water.
    2. Place over a sturdy cup
    3. Add in a leveled scoop of ground coffee around (15 grams)
    4. Fill her up with water to the desired level
    5. Stir the grinds to insure a full flavoured coffee
    6. Plunge until you can plunge no more!
    7. Drink away!

    Latte style? Add heated milk!

    Long Black style? Just add hot water!

  • Floozy: Badass Coffee Chicks

    Why did we choose Floozy as our house coffee supplier?

    If you know us by now, you’ll have heard of the name Floozy. And if not? I suggest you buckle up and prepare for some awesome info about some totally rad chicks.

  • ‘Coffee that doesn’t fuck anyone over’ - KMac, Floozy Coffee Roasters

    The secret sauce for sustainability in the coffee industry  ‘For Floozy, specialty coffee is coffee that is sourced with traceability and transpar...
  • Hario V60 - Simple Brew Guide

    1. Put a paper filter in your V60, and rinse the paper with hot water.
      This gets rid of any papery taste and pre-warms the cup or server.
    2. Place 15g of ground coffee in the filter.
      That is one tablespoon or full Hario scoop.
    3. Slowly pour in 50ml of water, just off the boil.
      No measuring jug - no worries just eyeball it, about 1/4 of your cup.
      Pour from centre out in a circular motion.
    4. Wait 30 seconds - watch it bloom.
      Watch the gases trapped in the coffee bubble up.
    5. Gently pour in the rest of your water.
      With the same slow whirlpool motion as before.
    6. Enjoy a bloody good cuppa - made by you.
      Share it with us too @campgroundstamworth - we would love to see